Fuping County magistrate Jing Junrong and his party visit FUHUA for supervision and inspection
Created date:2022-10-24

On the occasion of the 20th National Congress of the CPC, in the afternoon of October 17, 2022, accompanied by Ren Xiaolong, the executive vice president of the company, Fuping County magistrate Jing Junrong, Deputy county executive Duan bing, the member of county Standing Committee, Minister of the United Front Work Department, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhuangli Experimental Area-Zhang Jinglong, and Town mayor Yang mao visited Fuhua Company to supervise and inspect the epidemic prevention and control and safety production, and asked about the production and operation during the epidemic in detail, and coordinate to solve the difficulties and problems encountered by the company. Fuping County Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the County Emergency Management Bureau accompanied by responsible comrades.

County magistrate Jing Junrong required Fuhua Company, as an old chemical enterprise, should set a good example for the enterprises in the park, strictly implement the main responsibility for safety production, firmly establish the awareness of safety red line, improve the safety production grid responsibility system, strengthen internal management, and ensure safety production; Fuhua should strengthen the main responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, and strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures such as access management, inspection and registration, and place disinfection. The government departments at all levels should continue to do a good job of service guarantee, take the initiative to provide door-to-door services, relieve enterprises from difficulties, and continue to promote the high-quality development of the county industrial economy.

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