Fuhua understands the responsibility of its business activities to the environment and society, we aim to consider the environmental and social impact of our business practices in our daily activities when making strategic decisions. To this end, we have established corresponding standards and processes within our corporate structure. Fuhua continuously encourages its employees to be aware of this issue and provides them with appropriate training. And we are committed to:

  • Reduce environmental pollutants and environmental wastes by continuous monitoring.
  • Encourage the effective use of natural resources.
  • Adopting the quality, Occupational Health & Safty and Environmental management system to improve all employees’ activities and providing the necessary training to follow the system.
  • Comply with applicable national and international quality standards with environmental, occupational health, and safety legal and requirements.

As a manufacturer that has an influence on humanity and environment, we have the social responsibility to create values that contribute to a sustainable future.

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Barium Sulfate Waste Water Comprehensive Utilization Equipment

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Boiler Dust Remover and Desulfurization Environmental System

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Waste Water Recovery System

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Industrial Water Cooling Recycle System