Product name: Crystal sodium sulfide (Na2S.5½H2O)

Properties: Appearance white granules.

Packaging: Net wt 25.0kg/bag. Inner bag is double-layer plastic bag, sealed by heat; Outer bag is woven bag, sewn by machine.

Cautions: Avoid rain, moisture and heat, no breakage, no mix with acid and corrosive matter..

Uses: Mainly used in engineering plastics, rubber, silicone, chemical cleaning agents, medicines, health food and additive industry.

Crystal Sodium Sulfide
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Top grade
Na2S                        ω/%≥45.00
Na2SO3                    ω/%≤0.30
Na2S2O3                 ω/%≤0.50
Fe content                ω/%≤0.0003
Water insoluble,     ω/%≤0.035

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Crystal sodium sulfide (Na2S.5½H2O)

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