Product name :Refined precipitated barium sulphate (BaSO4)

Properties: With the general nature of precipitated barium sulphate: excellent fineness, less impurities and small &narrow distribution of the particle size,which greatly improve the fluidity of the powder, dispersion and affinity with the application interface.

Packaging: 25kg/bag. Inner bag is plastic film bag, tied with rope; Outer bag is plastic woven bag or multi-layer paper bag, sewn by machine.

Cautions: Avoid isolation and tear, kept in dry and ventilating place, avoid moisture and no mix with colorful matter.

Uses: Mainly used in powder coating industry. This barium sulphate's Distribution of Particle size is narrow. Features include thin coating, good leveling and strong refraction;Mainly used in paint, ink, rubber, plastics, batteries and other industries. Can effectively enhance the mechanical properties of engineering plastics, high-grade electrical insulation plastic, rubber products. Has a strong anti-radiation capacity.

Refined Precipitated Barium Sulphate
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Top grade
Barium sulphate(BaSO4)ω/% ≥98.50
Volatile on 105℃,                    ω/% ≤0.15
Water soluble                        ω/%≤0.20
whiteness                                ≥97.5
Oil absorption/( g/100g)10-20
PH  value(100g/L suspension)6.5-9.0
Fineness(residue on 45μm sieve), ω/% ≤0.05
Fe content                               ω/% ≤0.0005
Electrical conductivity,            us/cm ≤150
D50                                          um0.7-0.8
Sulfide                                       ω/% ≤0.001

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Refined precipitated barium sulphate (BaSO4)

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