Product name: Nano Precipitated Barium Sulphate (BaSO4)

Properties: White Powder. Narrow particle size distribution, high transparency and whiteness. Excellent dispersibility and affinity. Stable chemical properties.

Packaging: 25kg/bag. Inner bag is plastic film bag, tied with rope; Outer bag is plastic woven bag or multi-layer paper bag, sewn by machine.

Cautions: Avoid exposure and tear, kept in dry and ventilating place; avoid moisture and no mix with colored matter.

Uses: It can be used in transparent masterbatch, high gloss PP, transparent agricultural film and transparent plastic, etc. It also can be used in paint, printing ink, coating, plastic, rubber, brake pad, cosmetics, medicine, ceramics, composite materials and other industries.

Nano Precipitated Barium Sulphate

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  Barium Sulphate(BaSO4)                ω/% ≥97.0
 Volatile on 105℃                            ω/% ≤0.20
 Water Soluble                               ω/% ≤0.20
 Whiteness                                      ≥98.0
 Oil Absorption/(g/100g)15-20
PH Value(10% suspensions)7.0-9.0
Fineness(residue on 45μm sieve)           ω% ≤0.01
  D50                            μm  0.20-0.30
 Activation Grade                          ω/% ≥99
Yellowing  Resistance                         ℃≥240
Dispersibility                         μm ≤10

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