Wealth companies provide first-aid training for sudden environmental incidents
Created date: 2020/07/22

On June 29, an emergency drill for an environmental incident in which a pipe alkaline solution leaked was held at a low iron sodium sulfide workshop on schedule. Company leaders, department managers and factory employees observed on-site. This activity was sponsored by the Department of Safety and Environment and operated at a low iron sodium sulfide workshop.

This first-aid training activity simulated that in a low-iron sodium sulfide workshop, the pipe leaks alkaline liquid with weak alkalinity, and if the treatment is not appropriate, it will cause air pollution and water environmental pollution in the surrounding area. After the simulated incident, the head office is in accordance with the procedure, we start the emergency preliminary draft û rapidly é sudden environmental incidents. First, the participants reported to the company's emergency command center and at the same time to the Weinan Branch of Weinan City Ecological Environment Bureau. After receiving the report, the emergency command center quickly followed a group of experts, correspondence, environmental protection, on-site treatment, public safety, and medical rescue according to the first-aid plan, and went to the scene of the accident to take first-aid measures.

Under the Emergency Command Center, each first aid was systematically deployed. After more than half an hour of struggle, the leak point was effectively controlled. Through observation, no external environment was found to be contaminated. This outbreak environmental incident was properly handled.

This first-aid drill verified the science, responsiveness, and practicality of the company's emergency response measures for sudden environmental incidents. Then, he improved the first aid capabilities of employees and departments. In addition, we will reduce personnel injury, environmental pollution and property loss in the event of a sudden accident.

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