What Kind Of Chemical Bonds Are In Sodium Sulfide?
Created date: 2019/07/26

It is well known that chemical bonds have covalent bonds, ionic bonds. Although they are different in nature, in how they are made, and in which direction they are formed, they are sometimes difficult to tell apart, especially in the context of our question: what are the chemical bonds in sodium sulfide?


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  • Types Of Chemical Bonds In Sodium Sulfide

  • Properties of sodium sulfide

  • Application Field Of Sodium Sulfide


Types Of Chemical Bonds In Sodium Sulfide

Sodium sulfide is an ionic compound formed by ionic bonds between sulfur ions and sodium ions. An ionic bond is a chemical bond formed by gaining and losing electrons, usually between a metal and a nonmetal. In sodium sulfide, the electrons in the outermost shell of sodium are lost to form eight electrons that are stable and positively charged; The sulfur atom gets two electron from the sodium, and it also forms an 8-electron stable, negative, positive and negative charges that attract and repel each other, forming an ionic bond.

And a covalent bond is one that getting electron stable by sharing pairs of electrons, In the process of the formation of covalent bonds, because each atom can provide the number of unpaired electrons is certain, an atom of an unpaired electrons after the unpaired electrons pairing with other atoms, can't again pair with other electronic matching, which means the total number of each atomic covalent bond formed is certain, that is the saturation of covalent bond. Therefore there's no sodium giving out electrons directly, so there's no gain or loss of electrons.

For these reasons, sodium sulfide contains only ionic bonds.


Properties of sodium sulfide

  • Properties of physical

Sodium sulfide is odorous, soluble in cold water, easily soluble in hot water, slightly soluble in alcohol. Industrial products are generally mixed with different forms of crystalline water, and contain different degrees of impurities, in addition to the appearance of different colors, density, melting point, boiling point and other impurities due to the impact of different.

  • Properties of chemical

Sodium sulfide breaks down in acid to produce hydrogen sulfide. It is deliquescent in air, produce oxidation action gradually at the same time, meet acid to produce hydrogen sulfide.

Sodium sulfide impacted or high heated will explode, it meets acid will release toxic hydrogen sulfide gas, anhydrous alkali sulfide flammable, heating it will emit toxic sulfur oxide smoke.


Application Field Of Sodium Sulfide

Sodium sulfide is active, hygroscopic and soluble in water. Using its chemical and physical properties, our company has introduced three kinds of sodium sulfide products.

  • Low ferric sodium sulfide

Low iron sodium sulfide is a mixture with different crystalline water whose iron content is lower than 20ω/ppm according to the standard of top quality goods.

its appearance is yellow flaky, and the characteristics are smelly, deliquescent, corrosive, toxic.

It is easy to oxidize in the air, meet strong acid to produce hydrogen sulfide. It can dissolve in water, slightly dissolve in alcohol.

This product is mainly used in the production of polyphenol sulfide resin, high grade sulfide dye, high quality leather and high-grade paper in papermaking industry

  • Crystal sodium sulfide

Appearance of Crystal sodium sulfide is white particles, it has stable product quality, low side components; It is white, odorless and oxidizes easily when exposed to air.

Crystal sodium sulfide is mainly used in engineering plastics, rubber, silicone, chemical cleaning agent, medicine, health food additives and other industries.

  • Anhydrous sodium sulfide

Anhydrous sodium sulfide is similar in appearance to low iron sodium sulfide. It is one of the high-quality raw materials for the synthesis of high-performance special engineering plastic polyphenylene sulfide. Anhydrous sodium sulfide can also be used in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, cosmetic intermediates and food additives.


Although there is only one chemical bond in sodium sulfide, its industrial USES vary. In addition to industrial use, it also plays a role in medicine, pigment, etc. In recent years, the demand for sodium sulfate is increasing. If you are interested, you will never regret to cooperate with our company Shaanxi Fuhua Chemical Co., Ltd.

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