What Is The Formula Of Sodium Sulfide?
Created date: 2019/07/29

When it comes to the chemical disciplines, it is always interesting but challenging. However, to start the business of sodium sulfide is not easy as exams in schools, let’s start from the formula of sodium sulfide step by step.


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  • What Is Formula Of Sodium Sulfide?

  • How Can You Product Sodium Sulfide?

  • How To Deal With The Emergency?


What Is Formula Of Sodium Sulfide?

Sodium sulfide is the chemical compound with the formula NaS. it is colorless water-soluble salts that give strongly alkaline solutions. Sodium sulfide adopts the antifluorite structure, which means that the Na+ centers occupy sites of the fluoride in the CaF framework, and the larger S²− occupy the sites for Ca²+.

When exposed to moist air, sodium sulfide and its hydrates emit hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs.

Our commercial samples are specified as anhydrous sodium sulfide, the weight percentage of NaS is specified 92.00/94.00/96.00 according to the top-grade list. Such technical grades of sodium sulfide have a yellow appearance owing to the presence of polysulfides. These grades of sodium sulfide are marketed as 'yellow small granules'. Although the solid is yellow, solutions of it are colorless.


How Can You Product Sodium Sulfide?

Industrially sodium sulfide is produced by carbothermic reduction of sodium sulfate often using coal. There are some other methods as well.

Pulverized coal reduction

Mixing mirabilite and pulverized coal at a certain weight ratio and calcining and reducing at 800-1100 degrees high temperature, the product is cooled and dissolved into liquid by dilute alkali solution. After static clarification, the concentrated upper alkali solution is concentrated to obtain solid sodium sulfide. Slices or granular sodium sulfide products, like low ferric sodium sulfide and anhydrous sodium sulfide will be prepared through a transfer tank.

  • Alkali absorption

Sodium sulfide product was prepared by evaporation and concentration of the product obtained by absorption of hydrogen sulfide waste gas with sodium hydroxide solution. The formula is HS+2NaOH→NaS+2HO.


How To Deal With The Emergency?

Sodium sulfide is a toxic and corrosive industrial raw material, we need to do a variety of treatment.

  • Accidental release measures

1. Isolate the contaminated area with warning signs.

In order to prevent the surrounding residents from intruding into the building and causing personal safety threats, the warning work should be well done

2. Emergency workers wear gas masks and chemical suits.

Do not come into direct contact with the spill.

3. Avoid dust.

Sodium sulfide is toxic, direct contact will corrode the skin, inhalation will corrode the internal system of the human body, the staff should protect themselves in the treatment, when it necessary the workers should be to send medical treatment.

Collect the powder with a clean shovel in a dry container with a clean lid and transport to a waste disposal site. You can also flush it with a lot of water and put the diluted solution into the wastewater system. Such as a large number of leakages. You need to collect and recycle before discarding it.

  • Wastewater treatment

  1.  Sulfide-contaminated wastewater is mainly alkaline wastewater, which can be neutralized. In the neutralization phase, some hydrogen sulfide will escape into the atmosphere when pH decreases, and the heat generated by the neutralization reaction will also increase the release rate of hydrogen sulfide. But if hydrogen sulfide exists in the air of large quantities, it will pollute the air and disturb people.

2. Sulfide pollution can be eliminated by chlorination, which is also one of the effective methods. However, the cost is high due to the large demand of chlorine.

3. In addition, add iron or non-toxic iron salt in the sulfide pollution wastewater, after 2 hours of aeration will produce active iron hydroxide, sulfide can be removed in the form of iron sulfide precipitation.

4. The sulfide polluted wastewater can be neutralized by flue gas and then treated by activated sludge method as well.


Although the chemical formula of sodium sulfide is varied, we still do not recommend you to make it by yourself. Because sodium sulfide is a kind of active chemical substance, it is difficult to control its chemical reaction. You are welcome to buy high-quality sodium sulfide directly from our company Shaanxi Fuhua Chemical Co., Ltd.

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