What Is Barium Sulfate Soluble In?
Created date: 2019/07/22

According to the definition of precipitation, barium sulfate is A solid substance precipitated during precipitation, which is difficult to dissolve. During your middle school ages, barium sulfate is described like it can’t be soluble in anything. As a long time question, what is barium sulfate really soluble in?


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  • Chemical Properties Of Barium Sulfate

  • Barium Sulfate Can Dissolve In EDTA

  • Barium Sulfate Can Dissolve In DTPA

  • Barium Sulfate Can Dissolve In Sulfuric Acid


Chemical Properties Of Barium Sulfate

Barium Sulfate has strong chemical inertness, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, moderate hardness, high density, high whiteness, can absorb the harmful rays and other advantages. What’s more, it is the only non-toxic common barium salt harmless towards people.

Barium sulfate is an important basic chemical raw material, the main uses are:

  • paint, ink, plastic, rubber and battery raw material or filler

  • surface coating agent for printing paper and coated paper

  • sizing agent for textile industry

  • clarifying agent in glass products.

What’s more, it can also play a role in defoaming and increasing luster. It can also be used as protective wall material against radiation, and also used in porcelain, enamel and dyestuff industries. It is the raw material for making other barium salts as well.


Barium Sulfate Can Dissolve In EDTA

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is an organic compound with chemical formula C10H16N2O8 and white powder at room temperature and pressure. EDTA can also be used to detoxify harmful radioactive metals rapidly excreted from the body. It's also a treatment for water. EDTA is also an important indicator, used to titrate metal nickel, copper, etc., when used together with ammonia, can play the role of indicator.

EDTA is also a chelating agent capable of binding with divalent metal ions such as Mg2+, Ca2+, Mn2+, Fe2+ and Ba2+. It can also be used as the complexing agent of anaerobic adhesive. That is to say, EDTA is used to treat methacrylate to remove the transition metal ions and eliminate the influence of promoting the decomposition of peroxide, which has a very good effect on improving the stability of anaerobic adhesive.

Experimental result demonstrates that EDTA can effectively control the size and morphology of barium sulfate particles. In various reaction conditions, the pH value has the greatest influence on the product morphology. When the pH value is 9-10, the barium sulfate particles obtained are spherical and have good dispersion.


Barium Sulfate Can Dissolve In DTPA

DTPA is white crystal, hygroscopic, soluble in hot water and alkaline solutions, slightly soluble in cold water, insoluble in ethanol and ether and other organic solvents. DTPA’s melting point is 230 ℃

DTPA can be used as complexing agent, complexometric titration of molybdenum, sulfate and rare earth metals, determination of copper by current terminal method. DTPA can rapidly form water-soluble complex with calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, copper and manganese plasma, especially for high-priced color metals, so it is widely used in

(1) Hydrogen peroxide bleaching stable synergize

(2) Soft water agent

(3) Textile printing and dyeing industry

(4) Food additives

(5) Complexing agent for photosensitive industry

The additive oxalic acid is a synergistic agent of barium sulfate dissolved in DTPA. When the concentration of oxalic acid is equal to that of DTPA, the synergistic agent of oxalic acid is the most effective. The initial dissolution rate of barium sulfate showed an opposite trend to the concentration of DTPA: most of the diluted DTPA had a faster dissolution rate.


Barium Sulfate Can Dissolve In Sulfuric Acid

While it stays stable in the dilute sulfuric acid, barium sulfate begins to dissolve when it is put into hot concentrated sulfuric acid. Since concentrated sulfuric acid contains little water and it has the property of dehydrating the substance, we can confirm that barium sulfate does dissolve in concentrated sulfuric acid.

Barium sulfate dissolves in concentrated sulfuric acid by forming barium bisulfate. Barium bisulfate can only exist in the absence of water, it will produce barium sulfate precipitation and sulfuric acid in the water. There is little water in concentrated sulfuric acid, so barium bisulfate can exist in concentrated sulfuric acid.

In principle, as long as the concentration of the product ions is reduced, dissolution can be achieved. Therefore, the ideal method is to form complexes and reduce the concentration of metal ions.


While the barium sulfate is hard to dissolve in most liquor, there are some liquor it can be soluble in. In fact, barium sulfate can dissolve in water as well, However, because its solubility in water is too small, it is approximately regarded as insoluble in water. If you want more information about barium sulfate, please visit our company, we’ll try our best to meet your satisfaction.

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