What Does Sodium Sulfide Do?
Created date: 2019/04/18




Sodium sulfide’s colors are so various that you can’t image they are the same materials. It has beautiful appearance while the smell isn’t that pleasant. After all, it is originally a chemical raw material. What can sodium sulfide in different industries?


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  • What's Features Of Sodium Sulfide?

  • What Can Sodium Sulfate Do?

  • Why Should We Be Careful Of Sodium Sulfide?


What's Features Of Sodium Sulfide?

  • Appearance

Crystal Sodium sulfide is a kind of inorganic compound, pure sodium sulfide is a colorless crystalline powder. Specific gravity, melting point, boiling point, also due to the impact of impurities.

  • Physical properties

Pure sodium sulfide is colorless transparent crystal, with odor, soluble in cold water, easily soluble in hot water, slightly soluble in alcohol. Industrial products are generally mixed with different forms of crystalline water, and contain different degrees of impurities, in addition to the appearance of different colors, density, melting point, boiling point and other impurities due to the impact of different.

  • Chemical properties

  • Hydrogen sulfide will be produced by decomposition in an acid.

  • Deliquescence will happen if exposed in air

  • An explosion is likely to occur on impact.


What Can Sodium Sulfate Do?

Sodium sulfide is an important flotation adjustment agent, which is widely used in flotation. In the electrochemistry of flotation solution, sodium sulfide can not only adjust the pH value of pulp, but also adjust pulp potential Eh.

Mix aqueous solution of sodium sulfide and sodium molybdate, then add sulfuric acid and catalyst solution and generate brown molybdenum sulfide precipitation paste. Repeated washing with distilled water to remove the impurity ions, dry remove moisture, molybdenum sulfide powder after drying of the ground in a mortar, in hydrogen atmosphere, under the 400~800 degrees calcination desulfurization molybdenum disulfide particles.

In order to eliminate mercury pollution, sodium sulfide was used to precipitate mercury-containing wastewater. The research results showed that the mercury content in the effluent was less than the national emission standard, and the sediment was small in size, with good chemical stability and easy to snoring. This method has the advantages of simple process, convenient operation, fast reaction speed, high precipitation efficiency, adding different amount of sodium sulfide with the high or low concentration of mercury in the wastewater, according to the amount of wastewater, continuous treatment and intermittent treatment, low treatment cost and so on. This method can be widely used in chemical industry.


Why Should We Be Careful Of Sodium Sulfide?

In recent years, there have been many safety accidents caused by sodium sulfide in China, which have brought unnecessary economic losses to the country and seriously endangered the lives and health of relevant personnel. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the harmfulness of sodium sulfide. Only by paying more attention to similar accidents and adopting corresponding safety use strategies can such accidents be avoided.

In the production process of sodium sulfide, we should have a certain sense of risk and safety. In the face of emergencies, people should implement emergency plans in time, reduce human control, introduce scientific facilities, and train staff regularly.


Sodium sulfide is a kind of active chemical raw material, which is widely used. It even has a place in the military industry. However, there are many precautions when using sodium sulfide. If you have skin contact with it, rinse it quickly and consult a doctor if you have a burn. So please hand over the production process to a special company. Welcome to our company Shaanxi Fuhua Chemical Co., Ltd to buy sodium sulfide.

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