What Does Barium Sulfate Look Like?
Created date: 2019/07/18

It is difficult for most people to tell barium sulfate from lime powder with naked eye, even if they have seen it. The most common style of this product is powder, and there are many different kinds of barium sulfate depending on the preparation process. Do you really know what does barium sulfate look like?


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  • Different Appearances Of Barium Sulfate

  • Common Uses of Barium Sulfate

  • Future Of Barium Sulfate Industry


Different Appearances Of Barium Sulfate

What the barium sulfate looks like are affected by types to some degrees. From the most original barium to superfine precipitated barium sulphate, great changes have taken place in physical properties and appearance.

  • Barite

Barite is the most common mineral of barium; it is the raw material of barium sulfate.

Barite occurs in low-temperature hydrothermal veins or in sedimentary rocks and appears as nodules, mostly in sedimentary manganese deposits and shallow-sea argillaceous and sandy sedimentary rocks. In the residual clay overburden of weathering residual deposit, it often forms into knot and block.

  • Heavy barium

Heavy barium, also known as natural barium powder. It is made by the process of cleaning, grinding and drying after selecting natural barium sulfate. The impurities are more, the quality is mainly determined by the mine itself, but its price is low, usually applied in white pigment production or low-grade. Used as a filler in the coatings, plastics, and ink industries.

  • Precipitated barium sulfate

Synthetic barium sulfate, also known as precipitated barium sulfate, is a colorless rhombic crystal system or amorphous powder, due to a higher refractive index, showing a white color and a certain hiding power. Almost insoluble in water, ethanol and acid, soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid, easy to agglomerate when dry. Barium sulfate was added to improve hardness and acid resistance.


Common Uses of Barium Sulfate

Because barium sulfate has the advantages of strong chemical inertness, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, high specific gravity, high whiteness and absorption of harmful rays, it is widely used in many industries. The following is a introduction of five main uses of barium sulfate:

  • Sizing agent

Because the appearance of barium sulfate is white amorphous powder, the soaked fabric made of it can be attached to the surface of the fabric. After drying, it forms a skin film to cover the surface of the fabric, thus giving the fabric a smooth, thick, plump and stiff feel.

  • Clarifying agent

The sulfates used in glass are mainly sodium sulfate, barium sulfate and calcium sulfate. The decomposition temperature of sulfate is very high. When sulfate is used as a clarifier, it is better to use it together with the oxidant nitrate

  • Fillers

Barium sulfate can be used as a special functional filler, suitable for powder coating, latex paint, ink, plastic and other products, having a strong affinity and anti-ray performance.

  • Pigment

The coating that made with precipitated barium sulfate not just only increases the solid of coating, but also reduces the dosage of solvent.

Even at higher concentrations, the paint also has a very high gloss. The use of this cheap materials not only saves the raw material, but also greatly improves the production power and reduces the cost for coating enterprises.


Future Of Barium Sulfate Industry

China has a large number of cheap mineral resources to prepare this raw material, and the production of which has unique resource advantages. Therefore, the development of high-quality products and the industrialization of barium sulfate are not only conducive to the efficient development of natural resources and the effective utilization of resources, but also can improve the technical content of products and increase the economic benefits of enterprises.


Barium sulfate is also the raw material for many other barium salts. Although precipitated barium sulfate looks like a plain white powder, its role in industry is anything but ordinary. Without this product, many industries would be affected. Since the barium sulfate is so useful, if you want to purchase it is a wise decision. Why not come to our company website to have a look?

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