What Are The Uses Of Barium Sulphate?
Created date: 2019/05/16

If you're a chemical industry company,you must know the word “superfine precipitated barium sulphate” very much.While it is relatively unfamiliar towards most people,it is rather common used in the industry.Next, let me tell you what the specific uses of barium sulfate are in industry.

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l What Is Barium Sulphate?

l What Are The Characterizes Of Barium Sulphate?

l What Are The Uses Of Barium Sulphate?


What Is Barium Sulphate?

Superfine precipitated barium sulphate has strong chemical inertness, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, moderate hardness, high density, high whiteness, can absorb the harmful rays and other advantages. What’s more, it is the only non-toxic common barium salt harmless towards people, which can be reduced to barium sulfide and carbon dioxide at a high temperature above 600 C.

Refined precipitated barium sulphate is produced in advanced chemical precipitation method, good physical properties, low mechanical impurity, even fineness; White powder or paste, non-toxic, insoluble in water, soluble in fuming sulfuric acid, stable chemical property.

Modified precipitated barium sulphate can also absorbs x-rays, gamma rays, and give the high density, hardness and surface roughness for the materials, widely used in painted, printing inked, paints, plastics, rubbers, chips, friction plates, ceramics, glasses, electronics, cosmetics and other areas.

Here also comes the caution:Avoid isolation and tear, kept in dry and ventilating place, avoid moisture and no mix with colorful matter.


What Are The Characteristics Of Barium Sulphate?

The features of barium sulphate decide the uses of barium sulphate.

  • It can improve the physical properties of coatings.

The coating binder with modified precipitated barium sulphate shows non-Newtonian viscosity, which can improve the fluidity of the coating, prevent flow blocking, prevent precipitation, and make the film have good fullness.

  • It has good dispersion in paint base material.

Superfine precipitated barium sulphate is a white amorphous powder with a relative density of 4.50 (15 DEG C) and a melting point of 1580 DEG C. Because of its high refractive index (1.63 ~ 1.65), the color is white and has a certain hiding power. It has good dispersion in paint base material, The coatings with this kind of pigments will not be whitened by light scattering of barium sulfate.

  • It has good transparency.

Barium sulphate is well known that the wavelength of visible light is 380-780 nanometre. If the particle size is less than 0.19 microns, the half-wavelength of visible light can pass through the particles. 

The average particle size of the barium sulphate ranges from 0.01 to 0.08 microns, and the particle size distribution is rather narrow. The particle size of all is below half wavelength of visible light,which means even our modified precipitated barium sulphate being used massively,perfect transparent coating can also be obtained.



What Are The Uses Of Barium Sulphate?

Due to the excellent aspects of barium sulphate,it can be widely used in various industries like plastic industry, paper industry and so on.

  • Plastic industry

Refined precipitated barium sulphate can be used for plastic raw materials ABS filler, so that the product luster force, but also can improve product strength, stiffness and wear resistance.

  • Rubber industry

Modified precipitated barium sulphate can be widely used as a filler of rubber products, reduce costs, improve product hardness, acid and alkali and water resistance, and has good reinforcing effect on natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

  • Paper industry

High fineness of Superfine precipitated barium sulphate can be used for paper, paper fillers and fillers, in order to improve the whiteness, improve the surface coverage.

  • Chemical paint industry

Due to the excellent transplantation,refined precipitated superfine precipitated barium sulphate can be used as filler to brighten the colors, improve the stability and enhance the impacting strength of coating products.It can also replace precipitated barium sulfate, lithosphere, titanium dioxide, activated silica higher raw material prices, suitable to control the cost of paint, making stable ability.

The widely uses of barium sulphate have been infiltrating all aspects of life,almost all the industry can’t leave it.On the condition that you are interested in this useful materials or more information, welcome to Shaanxi Fuhua Chemical Co., Ltd at any time.

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