What Are The Types Of Barium Sulfate
Created date: 2019/05/16

To many people,barium sulfate occurs only in the senior school chemistry books.If you are told you are surrounded by barium sulfate,will you be shocked?In fact,here are tons of kinds of sulfate,they can be find in plastic products,paints,and your mobile phone classes.


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What Are The Types Of Barium Sulfate

Basically,there are two broad categories of barium: natural barium sulfate and synthetic barium sulfate,there are many detailed classifications with them.

  • Natural barium sulfate

Natural barium sulfate is a product obtained by ordinary process instead of chemical reaction. Its production process determines the market price, which is used in relatively less stringent paint industry and paint industry.

Natural barium sulfate is used as raw material or filler for paints, inks, plastics, rubber and batteries, as surface coating agent for impression paper and copper board paper, and as sizing agent for textile industry. As a clarify in glass products, it can defame and increase gloss.Natural barium sulfate can be used as protective wallpaper for radiation protection. It is also used in ceramics, enamel, spices, pigments and other industries. It is also the raw material for making other barium salts. It can also be used as digestive system contrast agent in medical treatment.

  • Synthetic barium sulfate

Synthetic barium sulfate is also called as modified barium sulphate.

Precipitated barium sulfate is a product obtained by complex process,whose content and whiteness are higher than that of natural ones.

It is mainly used as an intensifier for oil and gas drilling mud. It is also an important mineral material for extracting barium metal and producing various barium compounds.

  • Precipitated barium sulphate

It is manufactured artificially, unlike natural barium sulfate,it contains almost no impurities. Modified precipitated barium sulphate is used as filler in the fields of medicine, high-grade paint ink, plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics and so on because of its different stability.

People usually divide it into coating-grade precipitated barium sulfate, plastic-grade precipitated barium sulfate and so on according to different applications.

  • Modified barium sulphate

The properties of precipitated barium sulfate are enhanced in some aspects by relevant treatment.

It is divided into refined precipitated barium sulphate and superfine precipitated barium sulphate. Their application is similar to the raw materials of which, but the price is higher.

  • Nanometre precipitation barium sulfate

The D50 (median particle size distribution) of modified Precipitated barium sulfate is controlled between 0.2 and 0.4 microns by deep processing,which contributes the birth of nanometre precipitation barium sulfate, mainly used in high-grade paints, coatings and other industries.

What Are The Characteristics Of Barium Sulphate?

The features of barium sulphate decide the uses of them.

  • It can improve the physical properties of coatings.

The coating binder with modified precipitated barium sulphate shows non-Newtonian viscosity, which can improve the fluidity of the coating, prevent flow blocking, prevent precipitation, and make the film have good fullness.

  • It has good dispersion in paint base material.

Superfine precipitated barium sulphate is a white amorphous powder with a relative density of 4.50 (15 DEG C) and a melting point of 1580 DEG C. Because of its high refractive index (1.63 ~ 1.65), the color is white and has a certain hiding power. It has good dispersion in paint base material, The coatings with this kind of pigments will not be whitened by light scattering of barium sulfate.

  • It has good transparency.

Barium sulphate is well known that the wavelength of visible light is 380-780 nanometre. If the particle size is less than 0.19 microns, the half-wavelength of visible light can pass through the particles. 

The average particle size of the barium sulphate ranges from 0.01 to 0.08 microns, and the particle size distribution is rather narrow. The particle size of all is below half wavelength of visible light,which means even our modified precipitated barium sulphate being used massively,perfect transparent coating can also be obtained.


Why Dose Barium Sulfate Have So Many Types

China has a large number of cheap mineral resources to prepare this raw materials, and the production of which has unique resource advantages. Therefore, the development of high-quality products and the industrialization of barium sulfate are not only conducive to the efficient development of natural resources and the effective utilization of resources, but also can improve the technical content of products and increase the economic benefits of enterprises.


With the widespread source of raw materials and the continuous development of science and technology, people put forward higher requirements for barium sulfate with small particle size and narrow distribution, and the development of whose is imperative.For more information,please infer to our company Shaanxi Fuhua Chemical Co., Ltd.

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