Is Barium Sulphate Toxic?
Created date: 2019/06/06

What do you first think of when you hear the word “sulfate”? For many people, it means toxic, corrosive, acid, which is so dangerous that even can claim one’s life under some conditions. One of barium sulfate's raw materials is sulfuric acid, and another is barium, a heavy metal that is also harmful to humans. So, is barium sulfate bad for you?


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  • What Is Barium Sulphate?

  • Why Is Barium Sulphate Non-toxic?

  • What Should You Be Careful About Barium Sulfate?


What Is Barium Sulphate?

The mineral of barium sulfate is called barite. It is white amorphous powder. Stable in nature, insoluble in water, acid, alkali or organic solvents. Radiological examination using barium sulfate mainly in the gastrointestinal tract can be used to absorb X - ray development, so it is mainly used as gastrointestinal contrast agent. Used for making barium salts.

Precipitated barium sulfate is a kind of material with environmental protection function because of its strong chemical inertness, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, moderate hardness, high whiteness, high luster, and absorption of harmful x and gamma rays. Widely used in a variety of coatings, plastics, rubber, paint, ink and other industries. Barium sulfate can be used for acid - resistant rubber products and general products. It can also be used as surface coating agent, sizing agent, weighting agent, paper making, ceramics, batteries, enamel, cosmetics and other fields. What’s more, barium sulfate can be used in contact with food products.


Why Is Barium Sulphate Non-toxic?

The barium of ion state has virulent, can bring about protein denaturation, destroy all sorts of enzymatic inside body, make a series of physiology activity are destroyed.

Sulfuric acid on the skin, mucosa and other tissues have a strong stimulation and corrosion. Steam or fog can cause conjunctivitis, conjunctival edema, cornea turbidity, resulting in blindness; Cause respiratory tract stimulation, serious breathing difficulties and pulmonary edema; High concentrations cause laryngeal spasm or glottic edema and asphyxiation.

But when the barium ion binds to the sulfate ion, they precipitate barium sulfate as the precipitation. Barium sulfate belongs to insoluble precipitation, in the human body will not be digested, it will be excreted finally.


What Should You Be Careful About Barium Sulfate?

  • Airtight operation

Local exhaustion needs to be operated under the closed environment. Of course, the fire is also strictly prohibited.

  • Trained operators

Operators must be specially trained and strictly follow the operating procedures

It is recommended that operators wear self-suction filter dust respirator

  • Avoid dust

The barium sulfate is already powder style, if mixed with dust, the whole product will be useless.

  • Avoid contact with reductants

Barium sulfate is a very reactive chemical, and when placed with a reducing agent, it can react quickly and produce heat, which in severe cases can cause fires

  • Handle with care

To prevent damage of package and container, the barium sulfate package should be taken care of.


Although the barium sulfate is non-toxic to human, we still recommend that you wear a protective helmet or have it handled by a professional company. If you want barium sulfate of high quality, you are welcome to purchase from our company Shaanxi Fuhua Chemical Co., Ltd.

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