Introduction of Fuhua’s Product R&D Expert Workstation
Created date: 2020/11/17

Fuhua’s Product R&D Expert Workstation is an expert workstation established by Shaanxi Fuhua Chemical Co., Ltd. This workstation is designed to accelerate the development of new sodium sulfide products, tackle technical problems and improve product quality. It hired seven well-known experts as pitting experts. The expert workstation researches and solves production technology problems via exploring new products such as crystal sodium sulfide and anhydrous sodium sulfide that are blank in the market, provides consulting, training, and guidance services of advanced production technology for enterprise development, continuously expands market areas, and improves the company's core competitiveness.

Since the establishment of the expert workstation, they use the enterprise technology R&D center as a platform, focusing on market dynamics and new product R&D, strengthening cooperation with scientific research institutions, and promoting the rapid development of the enterprise.


Improving product quality via optimizing technology.

In order to improve product quality and market competitiveness, the company has successively carried out experiments of red sodium sulfide production, ICP spectrometer application expansion and modified barium sulfate. Implement the research project for the production of barium sulfate by the sulfuric acid method, the R&D of barium metaborate, the mass production of red sodium sulfide, and the project of upgrading flue gas standards, drying of barium slag and comprehensive utilization of desulfurized gypsum. The company only explores the high-temperature condensate preheating for the clean air system, which saves more than 1 million RMB in gas costs per year and has realized the transformation of waste into treasure, increased revenue and reduced expenditure.


Strengthening of reserve forces by skills training.

In order to strengthen the construction of the talents team, make full use of the faculty of scientific research institutes and expert workstations, carry out all kinds of skills training, and meanwhile implement the effective salary incentive mechanism, this year the company newly recruited 4 college students, 36 operators, 2 professional leaders in assessment technology, and 8 post leaders. At the same time, in order to improve the quality of employees and technical level, to enhance the cohesion of the company, the company implements talents incentive projects such as granting allowances to advanced personnel in product development and technological innovation, which inspires the passion of employees and enhances their sense of belonging and responsibility.


Pay attention to management and environmental protection and safety.

The company strengthens the awareness of the red line, takes 6S management and the creation of leak-free civilized workshops as the starting point, normalizes the operation of environmental protection facilities, and actively implements the construction of safety double prevention mechanisms and the production plan to ensure production operations and continuous development of the enterprise. Meanwhile, organize safety training, post emergency plans and fire&safety prevention drills, strengthen daily inspections and hidden danger investigation and rectification to ensure the safe and sound operation of environmental protection facilities; improve process management and routine work related management systems, adjust the processes of each production position to ensure an orderly, balanced production and stable quality improvement.





Remark of seven well-known experts:

1. Cai Peixin, Director of the Technology Department of Xi’an Origin Chemical Technologies Co., Ltd.,

2. Hu Yanguang, Director of the Inspection Office of Shaanxi Petrochemical Research and Design Institute, and National Industrial Product Production License Auditor.

3. Wang Chongyi, Deputy Director and Senior Engineer of Weinan City Work Safety Emergency Rescue Command Center

4. Yang Fengke, professor and master's supervisor of Qingdao University of Science and Technology;

5. Ren Qiang, professor and doctoral supervisor of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology;

6. Yang Peng, professor and doctoral supervisor of Shaanxi Normal University;

7. Bai Junsheng, chief engineer of Shaanxi Fuhua Chemical Co., Ltd.

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