How does barium sulfate work?
Created date: 2020/04/16

Barium sulfate may seem like a strange chemical term, but in fact it is widely used in everyday life. What are the uses of baritite? What is the reason for the widespread use of permanent white?

What is barium sulfate?

The main use of barium sulfate

What are the advantages of barium sulfate?

What is barium sulfate?

Natural barium sulfate, or barite, is a nonmetallic mineral product. Pure barite white (yellow, red, or grayish brown when impure), glassy. The barite grains are characterized by the crystallographic morphology and the rhombic structure. Specific gravity 4.5, mohs hardness 3-3.5, melting point 1480℃. Currently, there are two types of production methods for baritite. One is the use of barite after washing, removing impurities, classification, and then crushing processing. And for as far as possible to improve the purity of the refined natural permanent white method in related scattered in the literature, namely, the wet purification of acid and alkali, whitening, after washing, filtering, get refined natural barium sulfate process: among them, the commonly used wet acid-base specific process is to be purified for the purification of natural barium sulfate to join in a certain concentration of sodium hydroxide solution, under the condition of high temperature part of water soluble impurities reaction product, does not react with other part of impurities or generate hydroxyl, insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid soak into water soluble chloride, the slurry obtained after filtering, washing with high purity natural permanent white; Whitening is the process of adding sodium disulfite into the slurry made of high-purity natural baritite powder with a certain solid-liquid ratio and stirring it at a certain speed for several minutes before separation. Barite for odorless, tasteless colorless rhombic crystals or white amorphous powder. Stable, insoluble in water, acids, bases or organic solvents. In the medical aspect, mainly used as gastrointestinal contrast agent. Industry can be used as paint, ink, plastic, rubber and battery raw materials or filler, printing paper and copper paper surface coating agent, textile industry sizing agent. Glass products used as clarifiers, can play a role in defoaming and increasing luster. Can be used as anti - radiation protection wall material. Also used in ceramics, enamel, spices and pigments and other industries. It is also used to make other barium salts.

The main use of barium sulfate

Permanent white is mainly used as a weighting agent for oil and natural gas drilling mud. The most important barium compounds in industry are sulfuric acid, barium nitrate, barium hydroxide, barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium peroxide, barium chromate, barium manganate, barium zinc white, barium sulfide, barium chlorate, etc. Barium compounds are widely used: as pigments, coatings, rubber, plastic, paint, ink, paper, textiles, welding rod raw materials and fillers; Used as raw material for oil refining, sugar beet making, barium base grease and rayon; Used as rodenticide, explosives, pesticides, sterilizers, green fireworks, signal bullets, tracer bullets, medical X-ray image indicators; barium sulfate is also used in leather, electronics, building materials, glass, ceramics, metallurgy and other sectors. Barium metal can be used as television and vacuum tube getter, binder. Barium and lead, aluminum, magnesium, silver and other metal alloys used in the manufacture of bearings. Baritite is used in pigment, rubber, powder coatings, paints, inks, batteries, plastics and copper paper industries. Medically, it can be used as contrast agent for digestive system. Also used in the manufacture of paper and coated paper surface coating agent, textile industry sizing agent, glass products clarification agent, ink, plastic, paint, rubber filler. Barium sulfate is also used as an analytical reagent and in the pharmaceutical industry. Permanent white in glass products as a clarifier, can play a role in defoaming and increasing luster. Used in ceramics, enamels, spices, pigments and other industries, can also be used as a protective wall material against radiation. It ACTS as the expansion agent of the cathode plate and the contrast agent of the digestive tract X-ray.

What are the advantages of barium sulfate?

1.Barium sulfate used as a gasket for titanium dioxide and pigments in plastics can reduce the amount of pigment added and save about 10% of the cost. Barium sulfate (about 25 ﹪) applied to PP, can make the PP surface like ABS, and shall not affect the PP has both characteristics of Permanent white with high gloss and high hardness surface can reach the weight of 80 fill rate, applied to a drain, speakers, sound can effectively isolate noise, noise, barium sulfate used in curtain can increase the weight used in home appliances shell can provide high gloss, good color, and scratch resistance, good size stability, etc.

2.Barium sulfate high filling can be applied to all painting series, for example, primer, high build coating all types, such as its low specific surface area and particle size of division and easy liquidity, make the low wear resistance, in the manufacturing process of barium sulfate recommended for primer surface automatically, even when the high fill also keep a good uniformity and smoothness.

3.Barium sulfate is superior to most other fillers, especially in chemical resistant coating, its inert, insoluble in water, acid, alkali and organic intermediary. Excellent gloss and granular fineness allow the finish to be protected from long-term exposure. Permanent white is recommended as a topcoat to increase surface hardness and color stability.

4.As a result of weight reason, barium sulfate can be used at emulsioni paint only, basically use at high brightness and silks grain paint, have "acid proof" emulsioni paint say. Even when exposed also has acid resistance, barium sulfate dispersibility, optical rotatory and easy retention can increase its chemical properties, barium sulfate can be used in high gloss paint and latex paint.

5.Low abrasion, high gloss and color stability, low cohesion, combined with its easy fluidity make barium sulfate suitable for high quality printing inks. Permanent white is recommended for high optical rotation inks.

6.Barium sulfate has the characteristics of low agglomeration, low photodispersity and fine particles, especially suitable for pigment finish paints, varnishes and spray paints. According to research, barium sulfate has chemical resistance and weather resistance.

7.In powder coatings, baritite improves gloss, fluidity, fillability and compatibility with various pigments.

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