How Barium Sulfate Is Formed
Created date: 2019/05/30

Chemically, barium sulfate can be formed as simply as a chemical formula writing. But when it comes to the real industry, there are many kinds of barium sulfate, depending on how the materials are formed and processed


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  • Ways Of Producing Precipitated Barium Sulfate

  • Ways Of Producing Modified Barium Sulfate


Ways Of Producing Precipitated Barium Sulfate

At present, there are two main production processes for the precipitation of barium sulfate in China: the Glauber’s salt method and the sulfuric acid method.

  • Glauber's salt method

Glauber's salt method is the conversion of natural barite ore by calcination to barium sulfide, and then reacts with mirabilite to form precipitated barium sulfate and by-product sodium sulfide.

  • Sulfuric acid method

The sulfuric acid method converts barium sulfide into carbonic acid, and then reacts with pure sulfuric acid to form precipitated barium sulfate.

It can be seen from the above production process that the free enthalpy, odor which is caused by residual sulfur ion, impurities and black spots and whiteness of the precipitated barium sulfate by the sulfuric acid method are several steps more than the Glauber's salt method, and the cost is also higher. No wonder why it is currently the most expensive precipitated barium sulfate on the market.

Since the product is made by artificial processing, and unlike the heavy barium, the precipitated barium sulfate is almost free of impurities.

  • Characteristics of precipitated barium sulfate

It is slightly soluble in water and insoluble in acid. It is not toxic by itself, but it can cause poisoning if it contains soluble hydrazine. The precipitated barium sulfate in the industry is mainly formed by reacting barium sulfate with sulfuric acid, reacting barium chloride with sulfuric acid or sodium sulfate, and reacting barium sulfide with sodium sulfate. Precipitated barium sulfate is used as a filler in pharmaceuticals, high-grade coating inks, plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics, etc. because of its specific index. It is usually divided into coating grade precipitated sulfuric acid according to different applications.


Ways Of Producing Modified Barium Sulfate

Modified barium sulfate is the treatment of barite powder or precipitated ones through related treatments, so that its performance is enhanced in a certain aspect, and the application is similar to precipitation ones.

We can also get the modified precipitated barium sulphate which are further refined by further processing. Whose prices are higher than the raw materials of them.

  • Characteristics of Modified Barium Sulfate

It can be used as the raw materials or fillers in oil paint, ink, plastic, rubber and battery, the Surface smear medicament of the Printing paper and copper board, and sizing agent for textile industry. As clarifying agent, it can play a role of anti-foaming and increase the glossy of glass products. It also can be used as an anti-radiation protective wall material. In addition, it’s widely used in pottery, enamel, spices and paints, etc. What’s more, it can be used as the raw materials to produce other barium salts.


Although we have already known how barium sulfate is formed, people are not recommended to make it themselves, because toxic gases and other wastes are produced during the preparation process, and the finished products also contain impurities. It is best to choose a reliable manufacturer. If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to visit our company at any time.

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