Emergency Drill for Environmental Emergencies Held by FUHUA
Created date: 2020/07/21

On June 29th, the emergency drill of pipeline leakage was held in the the low iron sodium sulfide workshop. This activity was undertaken by Fuhuas Safety&Enviroment Department.This drill simulated a large number of dilute alkali liquor leakage and improper disposal of the pipeline in the dilute alkali tank area of the low iron sodium sulfide workshop, which may cause pollution to the surrounding atmosphere and water environment and lead to major environmental emergencies.

After the simulated incident occurred, our company quickly launched the "Emergency Plan for Environmental Emergencies" in accordance with the procedures. First, the participants reported to both the company's emergency command center and Fuping Branch of the Weinan Ecological and Environmental Bureau. After receiving the report, the emergency command center promptly notified the related team(including expert group, communication and publicity group, environmental protection group, on-site disposal group, public security team, and medical rescue team) to rush to the accident site to carry out emergency disposal work in accordance with the emergency plan.

Under the unification of the command center, all emergency response work was carried out in an orderly manner. After more than half an hour hard working, the leak point had been effectively controlled, and the leaked lye was collected in the emergency pool. After investigation, no pollution was found to the external environment, and the sudden environmental incident was properly handled.

This emergency drill tested the scientificity and practicality of the company's emergency plan for environmental emergencies, improved the emergency deployment and disposal capabilities of employees and all departments, and minimized personnel injuries, environmental pollution and property damage in emergency situations. 

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