Does Sodium Sulfide Conduct Electricity?
Created date: 2019/05/23

All compounds are divided into ionic compounds and covalent compounds, some of which dissolve in water and conduct electricity in the form of solution. Is sodium sulfate an ionic compound? If it is, can it conduct electricity in solution?


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  • Is Sodium Sulfate Ionic?

  • Does Sodium Sulfide Conduct Electricity?

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Is Sodium Sulfate Ionic?

Sodium sulfide is an ionic compound.

Ionic compounds are electrolytes that conduct electricity in both aqueous and molten solutions. Covalent compounds are not all electrolytes. If they are electrolytes, they cannot conduct electricity in the molten state.

When you talk about ions, you're talking about a substance that's in some solvent, and in general, you're talking about water. Sodium is hard to form covalent compounds, and its metallic properties are strong and its electronegativity small, making the common pair easy to shift. According to the periodic table, sodium and sulfur are typical active metals and active non-metals, which exist as ions in water and can form stable water and ions, so they are ionic compounds.


Does Sodium Sulfide Conduct Electricity?

Sodium sulfide is a strong electrolyte because it completely disassociates in water, and there is no such material that does not disassociate into sulfur and sodium ions. The definition of an electrolyte is that it's an electrolyte that conducts electricity in an aqueous solution or in a molten state, and sodium sulfide generates sodium hydroxide in an aqueous solution, so it's not easy to tell, but sodium sulfide can conduct electricity in isolation from oxygen melting, it's ionic crystal and electrolyte

One might think that sulfur ions are weak electrolytes because they hydrolyze, but the hydrolysis of sulfur ions also occurs after the sodium sulfide disassociates completely. It doesn't matter whether it's a strong electrolyte or a weak electrolyte.


What Can We Do With Its Capacity?

Adding sodium sulfide to the alkaline etching solution of aluminum and alloy can obviously improve the etching surface quality, and can also be used to remove the alkali soluble heavy metal impurities such as zinc in the alkaline etching solution.

Sodium sulfide can also be used for the treatment of conductive layer in direct electroplating.

Because sodium sulfide is strong electrolyte, it has these USES. In addition to its electroplating and reduction capabilities, it is widely used in other fields:

  • Flotation of sulfide ore

Sodium sulfide is a commonly used agent in the flotation of sulfide ores, and its functions mainly include the following three aspects:

  • Inhibitors

When used in large quantities, sodium sulfate inhibits most sulfide minerals. Because molybdenite is naturally buoyant, sodium sulfide does not inhibit it. Taking advantage of this, sodium sulfate can be used to inhibit other sulfide minerals when molybdenite is flotation.

  • Vulcanizing agent

Nonferrous metal oxide ore cannot be directly collected by xanthate. However, if sodium sulfide and non-ferrous metal oxidation are added before flotation with xanthate, a layer of sulfide film can be produced on the surface of the mineral, and xanthate can collect it. This action of sodium sulfide is called sulfide action, so it can be used as a sulfide agent for the oxidation of nonferrous metals.

  • DE insecticides

When the amount of sodium sulfide is large, it can resolve the xanthate collector adsorbed on the mineral surface.

In addition to the above three main functions, because sodium sulfide can form insoluble sulfide precipitation with many metal ions, so sodium sulfide has the effect of eliminating some of the harmful ions in the pulp for flotation.

  • Dyeing industry

Crystal sodium sulfide is used in the dyestuff industry to manufacture sulfide dyestuff, sulfide blue, sulfide blue or dye intermediate reducing agent, mordant.

  • Textile industry

Anhydrous sodium sulfide is used for denitrification and nitrification reduction of artificial fiber and mordant for dyeing cotton fabric

  • Cooking agent

Low ferric sodium sulfide is used as cooking agent for paper in the papermaking industry.

  • Depilatory

Sodium sulfide is used as dehairing agent in leather industry. It is also used in the preparation of sodium polysulfide to accelerate the drying of the skin in water to help soft.


Sodium sulfide solution is a strong electrolyte, which determines its unshakable position in electroplating industry. In addition, it also in the dye, leather, textile and other fields have a wide range of applications. If you want to buy high quality sodium sulfide, welcome to visit our company Shaanxi Fuhua Chemical Co., Ltd.

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