Barium sulphate safe handling and storage considerations
Created date: 2020/04/16



Barium sulphate is widely used in various industries, so for these companies, its safe handling and storage is particularly important, we need to spread the relevant knowledge for you.

main point

What Is Barium Sulphate?

Physical and chemical properties

Safe handling of exposure effects

ecure storage measures

What Is Barium Sulphate?

The mineral of barium sulphate is called barite. It is white amorphous powder. Stable in nature, insoluble in water, acid, alkali or organic solvents. Radiological examination using barium sulphate mainly in the gastrointestinal tract can be used to absorb X - ray development, so it is mainly used as gastrointestinal contrast agent. Used for making barium salts.

Modified precipitated barium sulphate is a kind of material with environmental protection function because of its strong chemical inertness, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, moderate hardness, high whiteness, high luster, and absorption of harmful x and gamma rays. Widely used in a variety of coatings, plastics, rubber, paint, ink and other industries. barium sulphate can be used for acid - resistant rubber products and general products. It can also be used as surface coating agent, sizing agent, weighting agent, paper making, ceramics, batteries, enamel, cosmetics and other fields. What’s more, barium sulphate can be used in contact with food products.

Physical and chemical properties

The material has a molecular weight of 233.39 g/mol. It is solid in both physical state and appearance. Its specific gravity is 4.5. This is a stable product and non-corrosive presence glass.The material has a melting point of 1580°C. Its boiling point (decomposition point) is 1600°C. This compound is very difficult to dissolve in water in water. The solubility is 0.0002448 g/100 mL (20°C). Its molar mass is 233.43 g/mol.

The main components of this compound are clay-1%-5%, quartz-0.1%-3%, and calcite-1%-5%. The main use is manufacturing. Barium sulphate is used to produce artificial ivory and photographic pape,Linoleum, polymer fiber, cellophane, rubber filler paper, lithographic ink, resin, linoleum, watercolor paint, used for color paper in wallpaper and radiation protection modification in heavy concrete.Barium sulphate can also be used to change the size of other pigment colors. Barium sulphate can also be used for mold coating in metal castings to prevent molten metal from bonding to the mold.

Safe handling of exposure effects

Skin exposure: Skin contact with this substance can be extremely irritating. To avoid irritation, the exposed skin area should be washed immediately with soap and water. An emollient should be used to cover the skin.

Eye exposure: If in contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clear, cool or warm water for at least 15 minutes. Do not use too hot or cold water. If your eyes start to get irritated, get medical attention as soon as possible.

Inhalation: When accidentally inhaling this substance, you should immediately move to a fresh, ventilated place. If breathing is difficult, oxygen should be provided. If a person does not breathe, artificial respiration should be used to help him or her return to normal breathing.

Ingestion: If a person consumes this compound in large quantities, he should call a doctor immediately. The patient's clothing accessories, such as ties, belts or collars, should be loosened.

ecure storage measures

Storage precautions

The material should be stored in a container and the lid should be tightly closed. The container must be kept in a cool, well-ventilated area.

Personal safety measures

To avoid health hazards from contact with this substance, individuals handling this substance should use the following devices: safety glasses/splash goggles, dust respirator, lab coat/full suit, gloves, boots

In the event of an accidental spill, the spilled material should be transferred to a waste disposal container. Sprinkle water on a contaminated surface and remove any signs of spillage. If there is a large amount of solid spillage, the material should be shoveled into a convenient waste disposal bin. The remaining particles should be thoroughly cleaned to remove contaminated surfaces and evacuated through the sanitation system.

Don't ignore any of the same details, if you have any problems, you must deal with them immediately and deal with them in the most scientific and safe way. Reasonable storage can also guarantee your safe production, don't ignore these, refined precipitated barium sulphate are very important.

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