The battery
Created date: 2020/03/19

Precipitated barium sulfate has the characteristics of low iron content, less impurity, chloride ion free, high dispersity and stable chemical properties. When used in the field of batteries, it has the effect of preventing the shrinkage of plumbum in specific surface area during charging. Due to the fact that it’s inert and does not participate in the redox process of the electrode.It highly disperse into the active material, and mechanically separate lead from lead or lead sulfate to make it difficult to aggregate between particles, thereby maintaining the effective specific surface area of active substance (lead) .During the discharge process, due to the similar lattice parameters of precipitated barium sulfate and lead sulfate with isomorphic substance,it can be used as the crystal center of lead sulfate. Lead sulfate can be crystallized in barium sulfate, so the active lead substance will  not covered by the passivation layer of lead sulfate, which can delay the passivation. The PbSO4 produced in the condition of low supersaturation is loose and multihole, which benefits to the diffusion of H2SO4and reduce the concentration polarization.

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