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Sodium Sulfide application
  Used in the engineering plastics industry for the production of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS); in the pharmaceutical industry for antipyretics or pharmaceutical intermediates such as phenacetin; in the dye industry for sulphur dyes, sulphur black and sulphide blue raw materials; metallurgical industry ore flotation is an inhibitor of sulfide ore, a vulcanizer for non-ferrous metal oxide ore, decontamination of sulfide ore mixed concentrate; a depilatory agent for leather in the tanning industry; used as the cooking agent in the paper industry; a rubber vulcanization aid in the rubber industry; it can also be used in the manufacture of sodium thiosulfate, sodium polysulfide, sodium hydrosulfide, and the like.
  Low-iron sodium sulfide is a by-product of the production of precipitated barium sulfate. It has less impurity components and of iron content 20-30 ppm. It can satisfy the needs of polyphenylene sulfide production and commonly used in pharmaceutical intermediates and rubber vulcanization aids.
Crystal sodium sulfide is a high-quality sodium sulfide product produced through various processes such as refining, concentration, crystallization and purification. It has uniform particles, stable content, less impurity components and of iron content 3-10 ppm. It is the best raw material for producing engineering polyphenylene sulfide, and it is also the best choice for pharmaceutical intermediates, rubber additives and chemical reagents with high quality requirements.
  Anhydrous sodium sulfide is a high-content sodium sulfide product obtained by drying crystalline sodium sulfide under high and negative pressure conditions. The content is 92-97%, and the impurity component is low. It is a high-quality raw material of polyphenylene sulfide and is commonly used in chemical reagents. Medicine, etc.

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